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I sincerely cannot say enough good things about Mel. Her professionalism, her peaceful demeanor, her amazing images - I was truly blown away. It is a big deal to invite anyone into your birthing space, especially a stranger. But Mel was such a quiet, calm, noninvasive presence, I hardly noticed she was there. And yet, by some miracle, she managed to capture so many intimate images of my baby’s birth - I have no idea how she did it! And the pictures are just so beautiful! I’m so grateful to have such an amazing record of one of the most intense & beautiful days in the life of my family. I honestly do not think there’s a better birth photographer working in Portland.
— Charlotte & Family
Mel is respectful in your space at such an important time. She’ll handle and respond to you and your child’s needs with love and comfort in a way that makes everyone comfortable.
— Tyne & Louis
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She was so good with our little one, making him laugh and smile throughout our sessions. She is professional, warm, and experienced, especially with our baby in his fussy moments. Her ability to play with natural light really sets her photos above the rest. Thank you, Mel, for capturing our love so beautifully!
— Cook Family
Portland Oregon Birth Photography Sommessa
Hire her! But really. Mel was the perfect person to have at our birth. She blended when needed and offered support when needed. When our birth changed from what we’d hoped for, she adapted and captured each moment flawlessly. During my birth and recovery she was more than just someone we’d hired to photograph our birth, she was our friend. Each image that we received is absolutely perfect. She captured the raw emotion and beauty that birth entails and we are so thankful for that.

The support you offered in addition to just taking photographs. I will always be forever grateful to you for helping me figure out how to latch Eden while in recovery. It meant so much more than you’ll ever know.
— Ali & Drew
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Mel has such a gift of capturing the fleeting beauty of tender moments between children & their parents.

I cherish the photos of my family, and highly recommend her to anyone looking for a unique and heartfelt photo shoot experience!
SO special!
— Johnson-Murphee Family
Mel provides exquisite skill, energy, and artistry to her work as a photographer. She works as a quiet witness to the vibrancy, transformation, and true soul connections that we experience in our everyday lives.
— Felicity & Family
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Mel, I just can’t say enough how continually impressed I am by your work. Anyone can shoot a pretty photo, but you are an expert at beautifully capturing moments; moments that are absolutely invaluable. I cannot thank you enough for helping us document this new and beautiful stage in our lives as parents, and for giving us the gift of our sweet boy’s first days, frozen beautifully in time. You are amazing!
— Jillian & Drew
birth photography portland oregon sommessa
I had heard a photographer and doula were great perks to have for birth and now that everything is said and done, I couldn’t agree more. It was as if you could read my mind and just knew what I needed at any given moment without me having to say a word. You were a calm and constant presence looking not only after me but my husband. I barely had my eyes open throughout the entire experience but I could feel your touch and hear your words of encouragement and guidance and that soft clicking of the camera shutter capturing the most perfect moments in our daughters arrival.

Letting someone you hardly know in on the most raw and intimate experience of your life was my biggest concern. You have such a welcoming, calm, and charismatic demeanor that this ended up being no concern whatsoever.
— Kate & Cliff

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